The “No Pain, No Glory” - concept, was exchanged for a “No ease, No peace” - “No Joy, No Pleasure”. We left DK with less than 5 k’s of luggage, a mission of joy and to find out wether you can stay 801010 and walk approximately 900 k in Vibram Komodo sport.

First and foremost. Cannot emphasize enough the value of this holiday, and cannot share their core essense, and I suppose its interpersonal, but I can recommend doing a Camino, any Camino.

Beside walking and doing whatever the Camino "told" us to, we planned to figure out, wether or not it could be done on 801010. After 4-5 days the answer was obvious. Opposite our northern habits, even the tiniest shop in the smallest village, turned out to prioritie 1/3 of the shelf space for fruits. Fruit’s everywhere and everything can be bought in single units, or evens halfs when it comes to melon, pineapple and other larger fruits. We often got bananas for free, as we wanted those “old ones with brown spots all over”. Every second bar/restaurant could deliver fresh orange juice which resulted in a two times 3 days juicefasting. Despite that, one thing need to be said: If you are not up for half a day of waterfasting then you might wanna keep 1 meal in your bag. And as pointing your attention to the fact that shops are closed between 14-17-ish bear in mind that approximately half the bars will be able to sell also fruit and salad. Ask for the latter to be without tuna, olives, vinegar, salt and eggs ;-) and then you might get a raw salad.

As every day had a common theme of walking nowhere, for no reason whatsoever, no intentions of actually getting anywhere and for no purpose I’m mislead to describe a “typical day”.



We had an exceptional luck on the weather, like 4 hours of rain and 4 days were cloudy. We did parts of the trip alone, also to diminish talking...The solitude appears essential. The progress You make in your thoughtprocesses or rather degress, demands that you let thoughts pass instead of through company to keep an issue vibrant and alive for hours, ex by continuing inner conflicts on the others acceptance, correctance, or dimissing in whatever grade of your already limited expression of your thoughts. I say, have em, think them, and then you will in solitude let them go. With luck you will enter a spiral with moments of absolute presense and others of complete idiocracy.


Arriving early afternoon to a wonderful variety of albergues from donation based to fixed semi high prices. No bad experiences whatsoever although the hospitality differs a lot. Kitchens were common but juicer, blenders etc are as hard to come by as is a sharp knife.



We got up usually around 5, grabbed our sleeping bags and the bumbag, got dressed in the hallway and hit the road. This rythm suited us and gave us several hours walking all alone and like medieval pilgrims, we had the most wonderful view of the milky way to navigate by, to the music of the crickets. As the Sun got up behind us, more and more people joined the path, and another music emerged. A mix of shoes hitting the dirt road, walking sticks, some people laughing, some talking, others just breathing. A mix of “Hola, buenas dias, buen camino” as an everrepeating pointless, yet wonderfull “conversation” that deluded you to feel a part of a whole.


Looking at your fellow companions makes you wonder how people like you and them, being so obviously different in seemingly every aspect and choice in life, still end up drawing one common conclusion (doing the camino). The realisation of this basic common decision wasn’t hard to transform into the fact that however different manners of living life, everyone you see, everyday, has at least for now, made the same conclusion (to continue living).
I never Got to qoute Frank Black “Are You headed my way? (to the golden land)” - which would have made an absolutely arbitrary joke.


Our Vibrams turned out to be another good, if not fantastic decision, as them weighing nothing, not causing a single blister and bringing forth smiles on the faces of our fellow companions, nomatter how sore their feets were, made the whole trip seem like the true pleasure it should.


Having the chance to meet people, a whole lot stranger or maybe just different from ourselfes made a continous test of our ever limited capacity to accept their quirks. The demands for your curiosity when it comes to accept an odd way of eating, walking, living, believing etc are not to be undereestimated. This made a continous ego threatening pleasure.


Here I’m both thinking of the people taking nitroglycerin for their angina while going uphill, finally making it to the restaurant, ordering chips, beer, taking their astma medication and antihypertensivae along with lightning another cigarette. Those people we hardly never confront at home, expressing our concern for their welfare and somehow they dont challenge our capability of accepting their different choices.



That is, more generally, the problem when people exagerate certain behavior for uncertain heatlh/love/peace benefits rather than for taste buds. You meet so many people where the obvious similarity (humans, camino etc) becomes a deep connecting link, that makes You focus on how the differences in some way or another, represents some distinct part of your own personality that for some sociocultural reason did not blossom as it appears to have done in your adverse projection.


We met wonderful people challenging and visualizing how challenging we must be ourselfes, for our surroundings at home. Having decided to not just walk the camino but doing so Raw, with an absolute minimum of luggage 4-5 kg and walking almost barefooted, I was worried we would be considered weird, which we did, BUT we met even weirder people constantly reminding of what acceptance and tolerance our general behavior demands.
Here I would like to mention two Germans, father and son, having tried living on clay, stones, only sunfood, sand and 801010. The fun part being they did it for weeks to months, for instance 3 weeks of only sand?! For me the even strangest thing was that all the litterature to which I swear they knew nothing about, Gerson therapy? 801010? Douglas Graham? Nope, none of it made any bells ring. Which makes it even more amazing.


Another girl was stading in the sideway, giving away fruits, sodas, cakes all ecological, mostly sugared and just for the pay of Love. So why are you here? “Its easy really, just love, just want to give love to the people passing by on their camino, I was on the camino myself, I stopped here 9 months ago, I sleep here and just share my love...” ehehm.... I know I want to live that way, want to believe that: thats what its all about, maybe not sharing a eco junk food (perhaps just love?), but can’t do it, and I had some fun after we passed her (making cash donations in the voluntary donation box) not judging her and dissecting all the counterintuitive, sectarian sound a like bullshit she blabbered on about. Obviously I didn’t succeed completely, which made me succeed in another way. Her view on life, her hypocrisy and the fact that I (the openminded, ever curious, and fantastic person I am) labeled and judged her, how can I wonder why I’m exposed to the same.

"And God said, See I have given every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the land and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shal have them as food." (Gen 1:29)



Having heard lots and lots of the “pleasures” of sleeping in the same room as up to as much as 100 others, sleeping at night turned out to be no problem at all. As early as we got up, just as early we went to bed. At 8-9pm we would be the only ones in the room, as people were out storing calories for the night. You would think that 50 people people, talking, laughing, slamming doors, packing gear, turning on the light, dropping stuff, farting, swearing, creaking with the bunk beds would wake you up? I remember a dusins of times having to get up to take a leak around midnight, being absolutely astonished to see that the empty room I went to sleep in, was now completely full. Every “made up possible issue” we slept through. Cure for insomnia: Take a walk. Every now and then we took the liberty to check out the hotels, due to a lack of privacy as well as quiecy.


For those who, like I, share a hidden love for barking mad dogs, that cannot be expressed in any other way than direct an obvious hatred toward both dogs and their owner, I say: Have not fear of the dogs, have fear your thoughts...


Untill next time: Bumbag being perfect and limiting the junk you bring, several were walking with at least 15 kg, and letting us switch shirts and sunbathing piece of cake, it did however have 2 major limitation.
1. when more than 5 kg it was unpleasant to wear, limitting the meal you could bring.
2. To have more liberty, more experiences of nature and to be able to for instance take a 2 hours break when the sun is at its highest and then continue a couple of hours not having to worry about a place to sleep we will most definitely bring a tent of future walks, Bumbag leaves no space for tents.

We bought a knife in France and later on a 1 liter plast container and a hand juicer for juice.

Our packing list as it looked at the end of the world.

At the bottom main room I had my vivo shoes (barely used them), a pair of socks and my poncho. Then my sunhat (hardly used), my shorts (for when doing laundry), extra undies and on top my sleeping back - still leaving space for for instance my jacket or a meal.

In the small room I had sportstape, charger, tooth brush, a dishcloth (instead of a towel) glasses etui and cleasing napkins, pilgrimspassport, papers, a lock (not used) and my headlamp.

In one side pocket 1/2 l water, guidebook and a knife, in the other water, zip offs pieces and a snack.

I was wearing Vibram Komodosport, Injinji fingersocks, zipoff pants, icebreaker undies and icebreaker wool shirt (turned out hardly ever to be to cold nor to warm), the latter backed up with my jacket.